WHO am i

I’m so happy you’ve found your way to me!

Hi! I’m Prue. You’d hardly believe I am the same person if you’d met me ten years ago. University educated in Finance and International Trade, I worked in the cosmetics manufacturing industry, traveling the world and climbing a thankless corporate ladder.

I carried an extra 20kg, acne spoiled my skin (ironically), and I exercised rarely and drank too much…too often. Not only was I physically unhealthy but I was unhappily single, emotionally starved and energetically depleted. I was completely out of touch with my true thoughts, core values and emotions as I’d been too scared and busy to sit with and examine them. As a result, I had practically no experience in expressing myself genuinely. A low lying and constant feeling of unworthiness underlay my daily life as I ignored my own self-care and self-love, pouring every ounce of myself and my time into work (nights, weekends..) and social commitments (every moment other than sleeping).

EVERY moment was filled with some kind of activity or distraction. But…I now know that all-important distraction kept me safe because as soon as the distraction was taken away, all I was left with was me. The reality of my life and the unhappiness I truly felt. When you don’t love yourself, the reality of stillness can be a very scary prospect.

The best way I can now describe that time in my life is “unconscious”. I was not actually in touch with myself, my gut or my intuition. I was reactive and constantly running, jumping into action before I’d gotten an internal reading on whether or not that action actually served me.

One night in India changed everything

In 2008, I took a short but utterly life-changing journey to India with my Mum and experienced the exoticness, the life and the colour of a totally different way of life. For one week, we stayed at a magical castle in the Aravalli Hills called Devi Garh. One evening, one of the young Indian men working at the hotel commented to me that Mum and I had been travelling together for aeons. I knew he meant lifetimes and it was one of the most real and spooky moments of my life. In that instant I knew he was absolutely right as I viscerally felt the fluidity of our lifetimes. (Um…so what exactly was I doing with this one?)

In India, I was struck by the simplicity yet profound happiness of the lives of many people living in its regional areas. This had always struck me in my business travels through South East Asia. How could people with so little be so happy? By contrast, I saw the clear joke of materialism and how unhappy the financially wealthy around me could still be.

I arrived back in bustling Melbourne a changed human. My transit to work was 45 minutes on the highway and I was acutely aware of the greyness around me – the road, the footpath, the buildings and the sky… the majority of what I could see was grey. This was in such vast contrast to the colour I’d seen in India. This grey way of life no longer cut it.

The pathway to my destiny began to unfold

Suddenly, I began to desperately crave change, in every way. That seed of change began to grow when one day two dear friends announced they were moving to Byron Bay, the bohemian seaside town on the northern NSW coast, and they invited ME to come! Within the space of a week, I had contemplated the possibility, consulted my nearest and dearest and my resignation letter was penned. There’s no one more determined than a woman ripe for transformation.

This was my first big life lesson – finally I took responsibility for MY life – and experienced the first glimmer of life happening for me and not to me. Growing up in a conservative middle-class family and attending an exclusive girls’ school in Melbourne’s inner suburbs, all I’d known was the expectation that I would become university educated, succeed in a conventional career, buy a house, get married, have children then live happily ever after.

Fuck that! What about living happily NOW?!

I started a new life in paradise

The desire, passion, suppressed emotions and potential boiled up from inside me. I deeply desired to participate in more meaningful work and to participate in life in a more meaningful way. I knew there must be more to life and different choices available to me. And regardless, I needed to take the time and space to figure out for myself what it was that I wanted to do in THIS PRECIOUS LIFETIME and more importantly, who I wanted to be. I needed to take a RISK.

I moved to a beautiful Balinese style eco-home in Byron’s hinterland with my friends and turned to the evolutionary and metaphysical studies I had picked up over the years for guidance. That included alternative methods of healing (such as Reiki, which I began to learn aged 14), meditation, yoga and yogis, self-care and self-love, the rising of feminine power, healthy relationships with the masculine (both as an aspect of myself and in others), alternative perspectives of health, humanity, living and the universe.

Since that day I moved to Byron Bay in 2009, I’ve been using these learnings in my life and in that time, I have lost over 20kg, fallen in love in a happy and long-term partnership, launched a successful business with monthly earnings up to $10,000, found my true passion and my way to make a difference in the world.

My personal relationships transformed, with both family members and friends. As my relationship with myself, the care I took of myself and the love I felt for myself expanded, this extended out into every external relationship. I was now able to afford that same care, that same love to others. I found my courage, learnt how to have difficult conversations, gracefully and with respect.

I created a business consultancy where my aim was always to make my clients’ lives easier, to create systems and processes that remove the pain they felt in their businesses and streamlined the rest. The ultimate goal was to create more time and space in their businesses for evolution to flow. I observed from my clients that the way we approach our business or work is often a reflection of the way we approach our personal lives too. In fact, creating time and space in our personal lives tends to create positive flow on effects in all the other aspects of our lives. This is where it all begins.

Now, I see the need to bring that philosophy to the lives of others who are on a similar journey. I am SO inspired that my life’s work is now to help people just like you to create more space, time and clarity in your life. I know how to help you shift your life from what feels like eternal busyness on the hamster wheel without a whole lot of purpose, to something that is truly colourful, alive and created from the very depth of who you are, what you are here to bring forth and completely of your making! That’s why I’m here. To help you take back responsibility for your life, and become the creator of true happiness and fulfilment that you are absolutely capable of experiencing EVERY DAY.

You’ve found your way to me – so let’s get on with it! Get your free Moment of Calm meditation and begin taking some time just for you, TODAY!

Love Prue xx

PS. CONFESSION TIME….I do have an ulterior motive… you see, a profound ripple effect begins with the smallest acts of kindness we offer to ourselves and in our daily lives. I’m convinced that when we women are taking the best care of ourselves, we have an inherent desire, instinct and ability to take right action and care for those around us. Our cup is FULL so we can be in our power and give freely. This instinct extends out further as our inner wealth grows. It is both the joy that comes from self-care and feeling worthy of our own love as well as this incredible instinct that I am so passionate about cultivating in myself and others.

So in fact, we owe it to ourselves, those around us and the world at large to take the very best care of ourselves. Consider this your permission slip.

I’m stoked you’re here.

Access this free and powerful Moment of Calm meditation NOW! I can’t wait to hear how this unfolds for you.