In What Ways can we Honour and Appreciate the Sensitivity in Men?

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March 15, 2016

I want to talk about sensitivity and Men.

I think I’ve been ignorantly harbouring under a misconception or buying into a pre-packaged version of what men should be like.

For those who despise generalisations, let me say that I am merely reflecting on the experiences that I’ve had and continue to have with men in my life and with those that I have spoken to about this.

I’ve been noticing the sensitivity in the men around me more and more lately and to be honest it has come as a bit of a surprise. I’m in relationship with a beautifully sensitive man who has two boys, I have wonderful male friends, a father and stepfather who I love and adore, and on reflection I can’t think of one who isn’t incredibly sensitive and doesn’t appear to contain a rich internal world.

I don’t consider myself to be an easily led person but I feel foolish as I’ve clearly allowed my perception of men and the masculine role in society to be affected by the general media and Hollywood. The perception I’ve held is of men being strong and capable first and foremost, not just physically but emotionally, almost without exception. When there is a character who displays sensitivity, he is usually portrayed as weak and unsuccessful and may even suffer bullying. (The media has a lot to answer for in the perception of women in the world too but I’ve always been more aware of that).

If it is it true that some proportion of the male population are super sensitive then this misguided perception is incredibly damaging for us all.

Thinking about this makes me feel deeply sad for the experience men must have, growing up with this incredible sensitivity inside but having everything around them tell them that it is not okay and that it indicates weakness: that whatever they are feeling naturally is not acceptable. Having reflected to them from the outside that they’re instead supposed to be some combination of male characteristics that have been created and spoon fed by the media.

I’m curious, to the men out there, what ways do you find best for the people in your life to honour and respect your sensitivity.

And to the ladies, what have you found to be the ways that you can most appreciate the sensitivity in the men around you?

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