eBook Guide to Inner Calm

Modern life is so full of work, family, relationships, health, admin, trying to build our future while taking care of ourselves and our loved ones…all AT THE SAME TIME. It can feel fast, complex and cluttered; downright bloody RELENTLESS! It’s hard to not feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Most of us recognise that how we feel day to day and how we respond to life is an inside job but how do we take that understanding and practice it in our everyday lives to experience more peace, calm and ease? 

In this eBook, we look at how, as a society, we’ve gotten to this place of eternal busyness, the effect it’s having on our lives and what we can do about it!

Find out how to:
– reconnect to your presence
– tune into how do you are feeling
– recognise what you really need
– determine your priorities from a space of love, and 
– manage these with ease and grace   

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how can this benefit you?

I am so blown away! This eBook details and elaborates on the ‘5 Simple Steps’ for a better understanding and deepening of the practice. I went through the practices and I feel more grounded and relaxed, expansive and focused. I am really impressed and love it. I aim to do it every day. Thank you so much for sharing, you are a wonderful writer, clear, gentle and insightful.” Aleah Eva Kaden