Why am I here?

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March 9, 2016

I want to talk about purpose.

This concept is such a driving force in my life but it can seem a lofty goal and I want to bring it back down to Earth.

I have a note under my pillow this morning that asks, “Why am I here?”. My Mum always said if you’ve got a question that you want guidance on, you can write it on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow and literally sleep on it. The idea being that you wake in the morning with greater clarity on whatever that is.

I’ve just finished reading Adam Braun’s The Promise of a Pencil and in the closing pages, he talks about paying attention to (feeling into) the ‘Why’ – “Why am I here?”. Adam started the organisation Pencils of Promise when he was 24 which has gone on to build over 200 schools for children in poverty stricken areas. His seems a big, world-changing ‘Why’ but it started as a desire to build just 1 school in Laos that he could dedicate to his grandma, a holocaust survivor. I think our ‘Why’ can be simple, it can even be small – who knows where it is going to lead.

So, what answer did I get from my pillow? What’s my ‘Why’? Or my ‘Why’ right now?

To express myself.

Self-expression has been a major sticking point in my life. I’ve an overwhelming desire to express what is true for me, yet feel constricted in following through and fearful of not being good enough. I love writing and singing and creating and I have let fear drive this for so long. Life is too short and too precious, not to share ourselves with the world.

This is my challenge and what may ultimately be my gift.

I believe we’re all creative beings and that we’re all here to create and express ourselves in our own unique way. I think the more we take risks in this way, the more that energy expands out and touches other people and possibly inspires others to find their small, and simple ‘Why’.

So what’s one thing you can do today to give fear the middle finger?

[Dedicating this post to Tom, who pushed me to share myself authentically today. Thanks babe, I think… 🙂 ]

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